Fall Maintenance Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

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Spring = Cleaning      Fall = Maintenance

 Get your home ready for the winter months with these 12 tips:

1.     Gutter Cleaning.  Clear leaves from the gutter after all the leaves have fallen. This will help to avoid water backing up and freezing, potentially damaging your home.

2.     Turn Off Sprinklers and Store Garden Hoses. Before you hear of the first frost coming, make arrangements to blow out and shut down the irrigation system. Don’t forget to remove hoses from the outdoor faucet and store them indoors to make them last longer.

3.     Clean Windows/Pressure Wash House. Cleaning the windows/house will get rid of the pollen, grime and bugs that have hit the house all spring and summer. My favorite part of fall maintenance is put away window screens and letting the winter sun shine through.

4.     Tree Pruning. Trees and shrubs grow quickly over the summer,  so you may want to do some pruning to keep branches away from the house. Pruning should be done after leaves have fallen, when it is dormant.

5.     Exterior Touch Up. Touch up the paint, seal foundation cracks and sidewalk cracks to avoid water causing cracks to get bigger and have water enter the home.

6.     Add Insulation. Remember those drafts from last winter you did not do anything about? Well now is the time to tackle that chore. Add additional attic insulation, caulk and seal window or outlet gaps where you feel  air coming through.

7.     Battery Check Up. Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Check the batteries in your wall thermostats (if they have them).

8.     Light Bulb Replacement. Since your lights will be on longer, check exterior lights to make sure decorative lights and spot lights do not need replacement and make sure the motion sensor lights are working properly. Adjust the timer-lights if you want them to come on earlier.

9.     Furnace Check Up and Filter Replacement. Make sure your furnace is working properly and clean or replace furnace filters. This will allow the furnace to work properly.

10.  Chimney Sweep. When was the last time you cleaned out the chimney? Fall and winter are when we use our fireplace. Make sure you clean out the fireplace flue to avoid creosote buildup (for wood burners or pellet stoves) and have the fireplace serviced to check for leaks (gas).

11.  Roof Maintenance. Your roof takes a beating all year round, but winter is the harshest season for the roof. Make sure you take care of any known leaks or missing shingles to avoid a bigger problem later.

12.  Critter Control. Winter is when the mice, chipmunks and other animals are seeking shelter. Make sure you seal any holes or gaps to keep them out.

 If you don't have the time to take care of these items yourself, I have a list of professionals I can recommend to get the job done. Call me at 917-613-2936.